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Sincere Apologies and Harmonious Safety!

Season: 1 Episode: 8
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Show Notes:

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Broadcaster J. June offers a sincere apology to Bach and Barker Financial Services. A non-news information update helps listeners understand all of the protests that are definitely not happening.

Brave Robot Ice Cream makes an appearance! It’s animal-free completely vegan DAIRY ice cream! You read that right. Looks like vegan dairy is a bright spot in a kinda dark Coalition monitored future. Learn more about the dreamy creamy treat sustaining 89.x1 Broadcasters here.

Science Fiction, Sc-Fi, Afrofuturism, Audio Drama, Black Written

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Cover Art by Jeremie Serrano: https://www.instagram.com/lacomidadejeremie/ https://www.lacomidadejeremie.com/

Dispatch from the Desert Planet is a work of fiction. Some elements of this fictional narrative are inspired by real events. If you’d like to learn more about the real events that are fictionally captured in this episode please refer to the following links

Vehicular attacks against protestors on the rise

Anti-protestor legislation

Sanctions against International Court of Justice employees

Police officers targeting journalists

Abuse during detainment following protests

Police destruction of supplies

Police and medics

Police fire tear gas and pepper spray

Police slash tires

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The United Way

Hill's Brothers Coffee

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