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Mija on the Mike with: La Gorda Feminista

Episode: 2
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Welcome back to Mija on the Mike, where Me, Mija interviews daughters of immigrants who are making moves in their industries around the world. Today we have Miriam Miriam Lara-Mejia AKA LA Gorda Feminista!

Miriam is a leading voice on body positivity for the latino community, she creates content on tiktok and instagram in English and Spanish, addressing issues around fatphobia and empowering women and girls with messages around self love and self care!

You can follow her on instagram, twitter and tiktok @lagordafeminista and you can check out video clips from this interview on our account @mijapodcast on instagram.

Thanks for listening. In case you've just tuned in! This is Mija on the mike a season reflection on our shared experiences as daughters of immigrants. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing stories like these, and inviting guests to share theirs. Tune in every wednesday! This is production of Studio Ochenta, a latina-owned multilingual podcast studio dedicated to raising voices across cultures. For more from Studio Ochenta, follow us @ochentapodcasts on instagram!

P.S. Don’t forget this season is also about you! if you have a story you’d like to share, I invite you to reach out on instagram @mijapodcast and leave us a message with a short story or memory of yours that warms your heart. We’ll read it out loud on the show.

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