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Wolf 359 - 'Memoria'

Episode: 503
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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This is one of my favorite episodes of any audio drama.

It encompasses everything I love about Wolf 359: its pacing, its plotting, its deep humanism, and its fantastic writing, music, and performances. Like all great science fiction, it is about more than just its text—and I think that's what attracted me to this episode.

I'll be talking to Gabriel Urbina and Sarah Shachat, the two main writers behind Wolf 359, next week -- and so to prep for that, I wanted to revisit an old favorite.

This episode falls in Season 3 of Wolf 359, so while I think it's a successful standalone (and I provide more context in the episode itself), you should certainly feel free to dive into the series and start from the beginning. I promise it's worth it.

What does "Memoria" represent to you? Let me know what you think; hit us up in the comments or talk at us on Twitter; we're @radiodrama.

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