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Ch 22. - The Multiverse Blues - Terraplane Blues

Episode: 51
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A very central character of The Multiverse Blues is Hope, the delphine diva from another dimension. In this, the spring of 2021, I'm starting to regain a feeling of hope. My home has been finally been restored after the October sewage disaster. The lovely weather invites me to venture outside these four walls and see the wider world. I even have my first Covid vaccination scheduled for the end of the month. It almost seems symbolic that a book that I poured my fear, frustration, and even anger into in the fall is now in my hands and is being read by other people. It's like I can let all that horror go, fluttering away on the winds. Trans Witch: College of Secrets is what happens when I take unmanageable emotions and forge them into something positive. If you get a chance to pick up a copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I want you to get that feeling of hope and release as you read it.

This week on The Multiverse Blues: Jules and the crew of Hope's Tour make bold plans to get from the world of League, across the neighboring dimension of Arne, to end up at their destination: Erde, Harlan's steampunk homeworld.

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