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The Chiffon Scarf Part 1: Shut Up and Eat Your Flapjacks

Season: 5 Episode: 6
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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The Chiffon Scarf (1939) is Daniel's last book this season! In his episode, we meet SEVERAL characters, some of whom meet their demise. Protagonist Eden Shore hopes to deliberately induce marriage, Averill Blaine invites only her best enemies to her plantation wedding, and City Slickers gets a shout out.

**NB: We apologize for the audio quality. Our guests Mike and Mary were both sick and didn't realize they were recording from their laptop mic.


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From the back cover:


Beautiful Eden Shore took a plane back to St. Louis for the wedding of an old friend. Swiftly, she made several new enemies--and fell in love with the prospective bridegroom.

That was only the beginning of a seven-day nightmare--with a climactic flight into murder most foul.


Some relevant characters:

  • Eden Shore: Main character that wants to deliberately induce marriage.
  • Averill Blaine: A longtime frenemy of Eden's, quite wealthy, currently engaged to Jim Cady.
  • Jim Cady: A guy who knows about airplane parts. Has an uncoming wedding to Averill and a wandering eye.
  • Noel Carreaux: Handsome guy, known to have money, left Averill at the altar for Eden.
  • Bill Blaine: Married to Creda Blaine. Owns the Blaine Company. Unknown relation to Averill.
  • Creda Blaine: Married to Bill Blaine.
  • Dorothy Woolen: Has anyone seen Jim's secretary?
  • PH Sloane: Wears a ten-gallon hat. Lives on a dude ranch. Like on City Slickers.
  • Mike Strevsky: Pilot.
  • Ludovic (Lud) Strevsky: Mike's brother.
  • Major Pace: Wants to buy plane engine parts.


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