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Hello Sunshine | Episode 10

Episode: 10
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In the last episode, we left a doomed Sarah, David and Dr. Cellarius as they plunged helplessly into the sun. But their inevitable deaths will not be in vain. We’ll still have some time on this episode to learn about the structure of our main star before they reach the core and get burned to crispy cinders. This is part two of our guest-written episode by William J. Meyer. And you can check out William’s own work at FireOnTheMound.com and StrangeLovePodcast.com And a big thanks to guest cast member Tanja Milojevic for her excellent performance as Dr. Cellarius. You can find Tanja’s own work at http://www.lightningbolt.podbean.com/ (LightningBolt Theater of the Mind). This also brings down the curtain on season one of Hostile Worlds. However, as we gear up to plan season two, we’d love to get your feedback, opinions, and suggestions. You can do that by filling out this very brief survey – we really would appreciate your input  Things to Learn What’s so interesting about the sun’s corona? How deep are the layers of the sun, and how do they compare to distances on earth? Where does the sun’s light actually come from? How many years does it take for the sun’s energy to pass through the radiation zone? What is the Black Dwarf phase, and has it ever happened before? What’s in the cold storage container?

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