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Fifty Shades Of Dave; Episode 2. ‘The Four Letter Word (Dave, obviously)’ (Clean Cut)

Season: 1 Episode: 2
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It’s the day after the night before and Rosie Barfield (Claudia Grier) has gained another notch on the bedpost, although Neil (Curtis Ledsham) is more confused than ever about this one! As they embark on another evening on their popular radio show ‘The Greenhouse’ they receive a troubling letter from their distressed listener ‘Dave’  (David Tyson) which alters the mood, and for a short while at least, distracts Rosie from an unusual amount of phone calls she’s been getting lately...

Cast: Fenella Fudge, Claudia Grier, Allan Lear, Curtis Ledsham, Nadya Lee, Richard Oliver, James Phillips, Michael Prosper, Hannah Thompson, Ashley Tyler and David Tyson.

Disclaimer: Contains themes of an adult nature.

***trigger warning*** Contains distressing scenes & disrespectful terminology surrounding male mental health, grief and suicide. This language has been purposefully used to portray conflicting attitudes and does not represent the writer's thoughts. If you’ve been affected by any issues raised in this episode or if you’re finding it hard to cope, please, don’t suffer in silence. We know how difficult it can be and how impossible it seems to open up and talk, but by doing so, you could find the help you need and it could save your life. Please research local advice hubs, community groups and NHS initiatives in your area that will listen, advise and support you through whatever you are going through.

Alternatively, reach out to us directly. Contact us through social media, and get involved with the hashtag #wearealldave to share your story. Thank you for listening. ‘Fifty Shades Of Dave’ was written and produced by David Lee of Bad Ant Productions, 2020. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Opening theme ‘The Man With The Heart Of Stone’ written and produced by Curtis Ledsham, Tom Sturgess and David Lee. Available to stream now on all major outlets. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Additional Music recorded and produced by Curtis Ledsham. Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved. Many thanks to series editor, Elizabeth Pascoe. Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com. Additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com.

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