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Gone - 'Awakening'

Episode: 499
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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It's morning, and something's different. Everything's different. Everyone's gone. No commotion, no explanation. Suddenly the world is emptied of people.

Except for you.

This is Sunny Moraine's GONE, a taut, claustrophobic horror podcast about waking up and realizing you're entirely alone in the world. It's kind of the horror-counterpart to Michelle Nickolaisen's UNPLACED, at least superficially -- but while those two shows twine around similar themes, their execution couldn't be more different.

We play episode 1 of Gone, "Awakening". Stay tuned for next week's show, when show creator Sunny and I sit down for a chat about their creative process, their dissertation in sociology, and makin' scary fiction.

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