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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME - 4 and 5: Jon Grilz

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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME #4 and 5: Chatting with voice actor and audio dramatist Jon Grilz (01/2017)

Again from our archives, we present the 4th and 5th episodes of a discussion podcast that I had high hopes for, but which only went for 9 episodes or so. But the discussions are fun and if you're interested in voice actors' lives, we delve pretty deep in these interviews. 

Jon Grilz is the creator, producer and star of the "Small Town Horror" audio drama series, and our discussion spans two episodes because in the first one we talked for more than an hour, but later discovered that the recorder had punked out on us about 20 min. into our discussion. So we got together a second time and chatted for about another hour, and that one was successfully saved for the ages. Nowadays Jon is involved with the "Creepypods" series. Enjoy our freewheeling chat from five years ago!

I lied a year ago when I indicated that I'll be posting these re-runs monthly, sorry about that. But nobody wrote to complain, so I guess it wasn't important anyway. Cheers!

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