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Web3.0 is our opportunity to tell a new story – with Vivek Singh | Co-founder of Gitcoin & Kernel

Season: 1 Episode: 9
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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A Web 3.0 deep dive – finance, story, metaverse, open source, and philosophy – with one of the most important leader in the space – Vivek Singh. Vivek is behind Kernel Community and Crypto-Z's first ever web 3.0 mentor and advisor! His vision and thinking around Web3.0 is an inspiration to us and the entire Crypto-Z community. I hope you enjoy the conversation.Kernel: – https://kernel.community/en/Kernel Twitter: – https://twitter.com/KERNEL0x Crypto-Z Discord: – https://discord.gg/BRcMkdf4brTwitter: – @cryptozagency – @hadrien_royoEmail: – agent.royo@crypto-z.com

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