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The Final Ravelations (Part 2)

Season: 1 Episode: 15
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S01E15 - In this double-episode SEASON FINALE, Inspector Lee struggles to keep his plan/strategy to catch the killer on track. Brody finds himself in a tight spot. Miss Lissie orchestrates an epic confrontation in the courtyard. Finally, we find out what happens to everyone in the days following the murders.


The following may contain depictions of violence. Listener discretion is advised.

Produced by Pigeon Spaceship Studios, a division of You Are Not Forgotten.


Executive Producer - Lora Bratton

Script & Music - Gregory Bratton


Narrator - Amanda Parker

Inspector Virlo Morton Lee - Gregory Bratton

Brody Roberts - Easton Rowell

Javier Masters - Rico Estrada

Connie Hect - Mallory Rowell

Ikonya Hoverdale - Alexis Mills

Deputy Dundie - Ethan Britt

Camila Masters - Veronica Flowers

Jordan Kelly - Caleb Hanan

Gov. Matthew Wise - Micah Mills

Reverend Chase McCloud - Pastor Brandon Burnam

Orson Lang III - Ian R.

Peter Answorth - Nick Oji

Mr. Donato - Dr. Phil Scarmato

Chief Overton - Kevin Martschinske

Mutt Hammerson - James Ellison

Miss Lissie - Pastor Elizabeth Burnam

Jeb Bryson - Greg McBride

State Policeman - Marcus Maniel

Admiral Crossway - Ron Lanier

Boat Owner - Ryan Parker

TV Actor - Asa Hinson

TV Actress - Emily Davis

Judge - Madam Lydia

Reel E. Biggs - Ka'Von Grace


A very special thanks to Ka'Von Grace (Amazin' Grace) and Chris Smith for their assistance on this episode!

The Inspector Rap (I Got Busted) by Reel E. Biggs (feat. Inspector Virlo Morton Lee) - Written and produced by Gregory Bratton. Performed by Amazin' Grace, Chris Smith, and Gregory Bratton. Copyright © 2019 All rights reserved.


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