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The Wanderer - Promo Trailer

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If you take the roads through the forest, your soul will slowly whither. If you cut through the forest, the forest will cut you back. But to wander is to move through the natural pathways of the forest, to travel through its veins and follow its breathing. And for the Wanderer, a bargain with the forest and a vow to wander might just be the only way to find his love, Andrew, and get him home safe. Aided by only his wits and the magic of his guitar, the Wanderer will have to face the challenges that both the forest and his mind put before him.

The Wanderer is a predominantly single-narrator queer fairy tale audio drama about being separated from the ones you love to keep them safe, to bring them home. The show will premier May 3rd, 2021, and new episodes will be released every other Monday for the 7 episode series.

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