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1-01.5 - A Call from Ruthie

Season: 1
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The Cryptic’s producer Chuck filters calls from the Cryptic Hotline as he does his prep work for the next episode.
Come back next week for Episode 2.0 - The Serpent Mound pt. 1
Crooked Path Productions would like to thank the listeners for an outstanding launch week! We couldnt have done it without you! Thanks for your support, kind words, and for sharing the show with your friends!
Cryptic is Presented by Crooked Path Productions
Produced and Directed by Jeremiah Isley
Written by Adam Hoffman
Music by Cory Heddleston & Benjamin Payne
Editing, Sound Design, and Foley by Jeremiah Isley
Executive Producer Jeremy Snead
DJ Remark as Chuck Becky
DeHart as Ruthie Platz
Michael Reardon as Zev Zainsville
and our anonymous caller from Yellow Springs
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Thanks for listening, and happy hunting!

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