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124-Greek Mythology: The Fall

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Theseus has had a long and storied life, but now he faces his greatest challenge: after you've accomplished everything you set out to do and your name will live on for generations, what comes next?   The creature is the, impundulu environmentally-conscience bird who only uses alternative fuels for its tiny plane. Unfortunately, the alternative fuel is human blood.   ---   Sponsors: Blue Apron! Go to http://www.blueapron.com/legends to check out this week’s menu and get your first 3 meals free.   Empty Faces: an amazing new mystery box that you can solve. Check out http://emptyfaces.com/legends for 10% off your first box.   Don't forget to catch season 2 of Lore on Amazon Prime on October 19th   ---   Theseus episodes: 17A: https://www.mythpodcast.com/3329/17a-theseus-its-dangerous-to-go-alone/ 17B: https://www.mythpodcast.com/3339/17b-icarus-and-daedalus-a-portrait-of-the-artificer-as-a-young-man/ 17C: https://www.mythpodcast.com/3390/17c-theseus-i-volunteer-as-tribute/ 46A-D (Argonauts): https://www.mythpodcast.com/4228/46a-argonauts-assembly-required/ 76 (Atalanta): https://www.mythpodcast.com/12714/76-greek-myths-lioness/ 93A: https://www.mythpodcast.com/12938/93a-amazons-wonder-women/ 93B: https://www.mythpodcast.com/12945/93b-theseus-love-and-war/   ---   Music: "A Rush of Clear Water" by Blue Dot Sessions "Baroque" by Blue Dot Sessions "Curio" by Blue Dot Sessions "Dirty Wallpaper" by Blue Dot Sessions "Myrian" by Blue Dot Sessions "Celadon" by Podington Bear "Tweetstorm Gathering" by Podington Bear "Telltale" by Podington Bear "SuzyB" by Blue Dot Sessions "John Stockton Slow Drag" by Chris Zabriskie "There's Probably No Time" by Chris Zabriskie "Trap" by Jahzzar See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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