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Special Episode - The Gate

Episode: 26
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For those of you expecting this week to be an episode of The Multiverse Blues, well, thank you for noticing. I have gotten behind on writing the serial, so this week, I'm giving you a special behind the scenes look at something that's never before been published, and only read by one or two others before. It is a bit of the attempt I made at writing a sequel to Reality Check, my science fiction novel that my Trans-Continental books and The Multiverse Blues spun off of. If you haven't read Reality Check, but plan to, I will warn you that this may contain spoilers.

It isn't the first time I've taken something from the stalled Reality Check sequel. Episode 5 of this podcast, The Spark, was also from that false start, and like this episode, was too good to just put in a trunk. It answers a question left hanging at the end of Reality Check, and it shows part of the history of "The Dionnes" and the eventual Arch Network in the Multiverse Blues.

And now, allow me to present for the first time, "The Gate"!

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