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Do Not Murder Before Christmas Part 1: Come On Eileen

Season: 4 Episode: 4
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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In our episode:

Daniel recaps the first third of Jack Iams' Do Not Murder Before Christmas, where we meet Shady Hollow's Santa, sing-a-long to murder, and nobody spills their tea.


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From the back cover:

The bells pealed murder! A crusading city editor and a beautiful social worker solve the Christmas killing of an old toymaker...


Some relevant characters:

Stanley "Rocky" Rockwell - City editor of the Record, knows his way around, and is ready for almost anything except love and murder.

Jane Hewes - Director of the Shady Hollow Community Center. Extremely blonde.

Uncle Poot - Local Santa. Dutch toymaker. Record-keeper.

Martin Malloy III - Pretty boy, but definitely a dick. Malloy mob family heir. Has history with Jane.

Martin Malloy, Jr. - The third's father. Decidedly not cute. Malloy mob family patriarch.

Loppy O-Shea - 4-year-old in a 6'5" 205 pound man's body.

Eileen O'Shea - Loppy's elder sister. Dancer at the Caravan.

Wetherby Derwent - The last in line of what is left of the Derwent family: the founders of the city. Spends a lot of time on Gay Street.

Mrs. Derwent - Wetherby's mother. Still keeping it classy, even if she's now poor.

Mrs. Pickett - Columnist at the Record under the pseudonym “Debbie Mayfair.”

"The Hammer" - Homicide detective. Should have been a porn star.


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Episode Editor: Daniel

Sound effects:

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