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POD115 - Season 1 Trailer

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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A Nevada podcast is disrupted by bizarre signals, leading its crew to an unearthly and horrifying discovery deep in the desert.

Season 2 releases October 28!

A new class of students from UNLV are invited to tour the mysterious headquarters of Tonopah International where they discover an unexpected - and deadly - secret.

Nine short audio-only episodes exploring identity and otherness and monsters from space. From UNLV and Giantleap Industries.

Season 1 named 2020's top 20 sci-fi podcasts by FeedSpot.com

"A magic show with all kinds of misdirection and brilliant illusions"- Discoverpods.com
“A blending of reality and fantastical yet terrifying discovery”
- Podcake

"A bold and exploratory approach to storytelling that leaves the listener questioning what is real. ... carrying them deeper into the storyverse wanting to know more."
-Sean Howard, Producer “Alba Salix”; Co-Founder Fable and Folly

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