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118-Jewish Folklore: The Eyrie

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The king is annoyed. All of these people want to make him work. It's just...not fair. Sure, they're starving and about to riot in the streets, but actually showing up to work is really going to cut into his sitting around time. Unfortunately, he might not have a choice. The people are getting angry, and that leads to a journey west, farther than anyone in his kingdom has ever gone, to unearth an ancient secret. -- Sponsor: Spotify is a really great app to find not only the best music, but now the best podcasts. Check out us and others (but mostly us) on Spotify today: http://spotify.mythpodcast.com -- Fictional! Check out our other show, Fictional! This week it is part two of Dracula. Go to http://fictional.fm or search for "Fictional" wherever you get your podcasts. -- The article I referenced: https://medium.com/s/futurehuman/survival-of-the-richest-9ef6cddd0cc1 -- Music: "Parade" by Nctrnm "Building the Sled" by Blue Dot Sessions "Slow Line Stomp" by Blue Dot Sessions "Vulcan Street" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cylinder Three" by Chris Zabriskie See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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