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The Chiffon Scarf Part 3: All Eyes on the Piano Man

Season: 5 Episode: 8
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Linzi recaps the conclusion to The Chiffon Scarf in our first FOUR-PERSON book recap! In this episode, Dorothy comes out of the woodwork, we still don't understand Averill's family tree, and Eden says yes. Twice.

**NB: So...Daniel WAS present for this ep, but there was a bit of a miscommunication that left the editor without his track. He pops in near the back third of the ep!



From the back cover:


Beautiful Eden Shore took a plane back to St. Louis for the wedding of an old friend. Swiftly, she made several new enemies--and fell in love with the prospective bridegroom.

That was only the beginning of a seven-day nightmare--with a climactic flight into murder most foul.


Some relevant characters:

  • Eden Shore: Main character that wants to deliberately induce marriage...doesn't really matter to whom as long as they're alive.
  • Averill Blaine: Longtime frenemy of Eden's, quite wealthy, has turned on her fiance Jim -- whom she now suspects of foul play.
  • Jim Cady: Knows about airplane parts and where to stash them. Loves being engaged.
  • Noel Carreaux: Used to having money and yet not as handsome or charming as Jim. Not an intellectual.
  • Dorothy Woolen: Jim's very observant, detail-oriented, "doughy," secretary. Blends into scenery.
  • PH Sloane: Ex-detective who regrets trading his magnifying glass for a ten-gallon hat. Lives on a dude ranch in the middle of nowhere. Somehow knows A LOT about his surprise guests.
  • Roy Wilson: Someone who is missing. Possibly a lurker.


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