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Doleo - Episode 17 - "Doleo"

Season: 1 Episode: 19
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Tune in for Ryder Daniels' first mission as Doleo, a brutal romp through H Block, the murder capital of Boston, Massachusetts. Doleo, comes to life. 

"I never intended to live this life, but I had come full circle, a freak of circumstance as a child, now a freak of my own choosing, as an adult. It's not a natural feeling, to leave the comfort of one's home in the dead of night, intent on committing several crimes, but I had made my decision. I had been on the right side of the law long enough to see its failings, and now, I'd be on the wrong side of it. A bold experiment to try to make right a portion of the overwhelming wrong I've seen. But this wasn't me, I was a law abiding citizen, a lawman, which is why to do this, I needed to change. And when I first put on the suit, the mask, and equipped myself as Doleo, I realized this was no longer make believe. I was carving off a segment of my consciousness, not merely to tolerate what I was about to do, but to make room for who I was to become. Doleo is born."  -Ryder Daniels

Special thanks to Fesliyan Studios for its amazing musical contributions throughout the podcast, and in the episode! Check them out.  Royalty free music from https://www.fesliyanstudios.com

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