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18: All of this everything

Season: 1 Episode: 18
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Having escaped the wrath of the Woadals, Adam and Ichrinth traverse the strange lands of Eden. [content warning! This episode contains references to suicide and attempted suicide (27:35-29:32) if you are experiencing feelings like this, please do not hesitate to reach out to someone, here is a link to a list of https://www.suicidestop.com/call_a_hotline.htm (suicide prevention hotlines: https://www.suicidestop.com/call_a_hotline.htm)l] Narration: Briar Zachary and Cai Gwilym Pritchard Ichrinth: https://twitter.com/galactic_chief (Briar Zachary) Corrupted Angel: Joe Cruz (with supplementary Screams by Travis Yu)  Score: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo_Q1DWr-FgUq46qxHYo3uQ (Grimrite) and https://dinas.bandcamp.com (Dinas) Sound design, Writing, and Adam Delta 5: Cai Gwilym Pritchard https://chainofbeing.tumblr.com/post/673084138151198720/18-all-of-this-everything (transcript available on our tumblr) email us at chainofbeingofficial@gmail.com follow the podcast on https://twitter.com/chainofbeing?s=20 (twitter )@chainofbeing Proud member of the https://www.faustiannonsense.com/ (Faustian Nonsense Network)

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