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2.05.5 Interlude

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Summary: As Arkady, Krejjh, and Brian fly farther and farther away on their way to their mission on the Dwarnian home world, they and the remaining crew on the Iris 2 find ways to keep in touch.

No content warnings on this one.

A transcript of the episode is available at: https://www.procyonpodcastnetwork.com/post/the-strange-case-of-starship-iris-2-05-5-interlude

The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Episode 5.5: Interlude. Starring:

Rukhmani Desai as Sana Tripathi

Brittony LeFever as Krejjh

Jamie Price as Brian Jeeter

Cindy Chu as Violet Liu

Ishani Kanetkar as Arkady Patel

Jackie Andrews as RJ McCabe

Ella Whomersley as ELLA

Sound design, mixing, and editing by Hannah Cross and Erin Baumann

DIrected by Rachel Kellum

Written by Jessica Best

Ending credits music is “Rocket Science” by David Devereux of Tin Can Audio.

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