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Mija Podcast Recommends: Alone a Love Story in Spanish... and French!

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Thanks for tuning in. Here’s more info on Alone A Love Story and how we’re working together with the CBC to bring it to listeners around the world.

Alone a Love Story is a CBC original podcast, written by Michelle Parise.The original podcast tells the story of Michelle’s grueling heartbreak after she discovers her husband is cheating on her. The show follows her journey as she picks up the pieces and starts over: Alone.

At Studio Ochenta, we’re so proud to be a part of the translation journey of this show to bring this universal story of love, heartache and healing to listeners in Spanish and French.

For more information on Alone and the original English version of the series check out visit cbc.ca/seule (or cbc.ca/sola). It's a digital album - with art, video, music and the story behind the story.

The Spanish and French adaptations were produced our team at Studio Ochenta. Production by Luis López and Chiara Santella, translated and edited in Spanish by Catalina Hoyos, Maru Lombardo and Luis López and in french by Lory Martinez and par Julie G. The Voice of Michelle in Spanish is Laura Leticia Hernández and in French is Marion Lesonger.

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