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96-Russian Folklore: Cold as Ice

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Two vastly different stories of children made from snow. The first is one where the king is called on to solve some dating issues...but then discovers something far colder is at play. The second is the completely real story of a totally legitimately born snow child and what do you mean you don't think he's real? Of course he's real? Well, whatever. You can't prove otherwise so what are you going to do about it? The creature this week is one that likes to make his home (and his toilet!) out of cinnamon. --- Sponsors: Credit Karma: Check out the app or http://creditkarma.com to get always free reports about your credit score! LinkedIn: Hiring? It's not easy to find the right person for the job...well, at least it wasn't, until LinkedIn. Go to http://linkedin.com/myths to get a $50 credit toward your posting and start searching for your next hire the smart way. --- Music: "Cicle Gerano" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cicle Veroni" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lord Weasel" by Blue Dot Sessions "Intermezzo" by Blue Dot Sessions "Paper Feather" by Blue Dot Sessions "Peacetime" by Blue Dot Sessions "This is Our Home" by Blue Dot Sessions See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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