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Perfect Retreat Episode 5 Create or Die

Season: 2 Episode: 5
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“PERFECT RETREAT, Episode 5 – Create or Die” is written and produced by Fiona Thraille

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(please note, the transcript is the script, which is usually almost exactly identical to the performances)
and further credits.

Trigger Warning: A potentially supernatural encounter

In order of appearance

Sam - Erika Sanderson
The Operator - David Ault
Natalia - Kirsty Woolven
Shel - Nathan Blades
Maja - Karin Heimdahl
Marnie - Fiona Thraille


The song "Vem kan segla förutan vind" is sung by Karin Heimdahl
Wack Emcees by Mugzy


Under CC0 licence From Freesound.org  

herring-gull by canardo55
Simple amateur trumpet fragment by jay_mar 
Open/close door.MP3 by SoundsForHim
Shoes 01 | hard sole.wav by Aerny 
Shoes 02 | rubber sole.wav by Aerny 
windy day indoors windows rattle.wav by lwdickens 
typewriter-olivetti-lettra-22 by keithpeter
typewriter_ding by stubbs
Guitar Wood Creaking.wav by Aerny
trumpetimprov_rhythm_changes.aiff by emirdemirel
Grass Running.aif by Shadowedhunter 
Tent packing.mp3 by kaffemaskin
Falling_On_Wet_Grass.aif by crcavol
Close recording of small waves on the beach, in Thailand by felix.blume
Kitchen Footsteps.WAV by carsonbailie
rubber shoes on tiles footsteps.wav by 21100495
01-19 Footsteps, Tile, Female Heels, Scuffs.wav by SpliceSound 
AmCS_CS_TI02_shish-shush-shish.wav by GCGuest1 
Quiet library ambience by xkeril 
sssh.wav by elliedixon 
Indoor adult murmur, small group.wav by SpliceSound
Library AMB.wav by PasekaM
Chain Drag.wav by mffm 
dig.wav by maxthrower 
Collapsing in grass.MP3 by SoundsForHim
Rock Tumble 2.wav by _stubb 
Necklace.wav by sidequesting 
Umbrella Flapping 2 - Senn K6 SD 788T.wav by lunchmoney

Under licence agreement from Free To Use Sounds

AMBSea, Seaside, Coastal, Waves Splash, Rocky Beach, Windy, Flag Poles Moving, Spooky, Frankopan Castle, Krk, Nighttime, Croatia, FTUS, 19232

DoorWood, Church, Confessional Cabin, Open, Closing, Church Of Saint Nicholas, Varazdin, Croatia, FTUS, 19232
DoorWood, Old, Rusty, Reverb, Bathroom Door, Zadar, Croatia, FTUS, 19232 (1)

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