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Mija Música: El ritmo

Season: 4 Episode: 2
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In this episode, Gavilán wants to learn more about his abuelo, so he meets El Guacho, a vallenato musician and very close friend of Lolo’s. El Guacho tells him the story of the two rhythm instruments of cumbia and vallenato: the caja and the guacharaca, and how so many rhythms, and even a rather fortunate accident, trace their roots to these two sounds. 

This week’s recommendation is the music of Gabriel Duéñez. He’s a sonidero from Monterrey, and he’s the one to thank for the “accident” that gave life to the now beloved cumbia rebajada. Visit our website, that you can find in our shownotes, for links to his music.


This show was produced by Studio Ochenta. Our executive producer is Lory Martínez.

Story, sound mixing, and original music by me, Luis López.

Our creative director is Lory Martínez.

Additional script editing by Maru Lombardo and Jeremías Juárez.

Our production coordinator is Catalina Hoyos

And our art is by William Guevara.

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Until next time, with love and recuerdos.

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