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The Totally Spooktacular Fakist Halloween Special

Season: 2 Episode: 10
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Pop open a White Claw for our SPOOKTACULAR SPECIAL!

The Fakist will not be seen tonight due to Paul DaFoe's unscheduled sick day. Actually, we're just assuming he's sick. Instead, from TheNetwork, a spooktacular Halloween special. Sit back, eat some candy, and listen as we present... The Case of White Claw. All that, plus Paul DaFoe goes where no Fakist has gone before in MOCK EX DEUSINA!


PAUL DAFOE - Bill Meeks
MADISON – Samantha Crausman
FAITH - Hadley Williams
BILL MEEKS - Himself
ANNE MARIE - Herself
MR. FREEZE 7-UP - Bill Meeks
LIAM - Himself
ELIZA - Herself
LONDON - Himself

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