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Our Fair City - Season 1

Episode: 419
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Policies and polic-ettes! We return to the tunnels of the world of Our Fair City, with the remastered full-entirety-episode of Season 1, polished up by the team of Hartlife NFP who now are in their spectacular 6th season of Over-The-Top post-apocalpytic mayhem.
Why re-write, re-record, re-produce an existing piece of content? The creators of Our Fair City chime in:
Season One represents the very beginning of our learning process. In the writers’ room, we’ve learned a lot about crafting a compelling story using audio alone. In the studio, we’ve learned an incredible amount about what makes good sound; our first season was recorded in a closet (literally) with a popscreen made from pantyhose and a coat hanger. And in our lives, we’ve all grown as people. In some cases, our past work tells a very different story (and reinforces different cultural narratives and norms) than we intended. As the artistic and administrative team has diversified, in terms of gender, race, sexuality, gender expression, and more, we’ve all had the opportunity to re-examine what we were saying with our first season. We are proud of all the work we’ve done, but we felt the time was right to revisit this early work.
What you will hear is our best foot forward, driven by everything we’ve learned personally and professionally over the last five years. With Season One Revisited we have been able to communicate the original story of Neal Henderson, Elizabeth Rourke, Alison Dalton, and Nathan Rourke in a way that is truer to our intentions, approachable for new fans of the show, and exciting for our long-time listeners. If you’ve always wanted an easy ambasador piece to get your friends listening to the show, this is it!
Full notes: http://www.ourfaircity.com/2015/07/what-we-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-season-one/
Take a listen to their efforts, and enjoy, anew, an introduction to the world of Our Fair City.
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