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The Topnotch Tangler: The Pall Teams Up

Episode: 266
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It's All Been Done Radio Hour #266 

The Topnotch Tangler #35 "The Pall Teams Up" 


The Pall has two new sidekicks as he faces an old foe. 


A comedy radio show originally performed Saturday, November 9, 2019 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio.  



Dan Condo as The Pall 

Joe Morales as The Cosmic Comet 

Anna Leeper as Bad Rap 


Joel Savage as Crackup 

 Kristin Green as Cindy 

Shane Stefanchik as Wayne 


Narrated by Ryan Yohe 

Foley Artist Seamus Talty


Podcast edited by Chris Allen 

Written by Jerome Wetzel

Directed by Nick Arganbright 

Music Director Kristin Green 

Theme Songs by Nathan Haley and Jerome Wetzel  

Technical Director Shane Stefanchik 

Script Editor Keith Jackson  


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