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Max Taro & The Nature of Being Haunted (Part 1) - Transmission 5

Episode: 11
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When siblings Vincent and Pamela inherit a home that seems possessed they call in an expert. The only question is if Max Taro's cures aren't worse than the curse they seem to be under...

Lost Signal Society




Max Taro - Patricia Lawrence

Vincent Harte - David Thomas Tao

Pamela Harte - Amelia Kidd

Train Ticket Collector/Wulfhail the Anglosaxon Warrior from the Otherworld - Christa Pagliei

Mayor Bob Bauman - Michael Dondero

Mojo - As Himself


Wulfhail the Anglo-Saxon Warrior from the Otherworld Old English DIALOGUE TRANSLATION

It is I.

You! Trickster-spirit! Max Taro

How goes your work?

Already you owe me something of great value, and yet you come begging?

On this day I will need a sacrifice.

Those people, they don't believe. 




Written by Christa Pagliei

Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa Pagliei

Theme Song by Ryan Beppel



In Order of Presentation

All Songs and Recording have entered the Public Domain, except the ones with an asterisk (*) which are currently under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License via the Free Music Archive

Strange Land - Roy Hawkins

Oh Lord Search My Heart - Rev. Gary Davis

Big Bill Broonzy - Baby Please Don’t Go *

Undertaker Blues - Buster Johnson

Mississippi Jailhouse Moan - Rube Lacey


Sound Tracks

Music from Loyalty Freak and How The Night Came used with a Creative Commons Attribution License

From FreeMusicArchive.com

The Below Listed Songs are By: Loyalty Freak Music

The Graveyard

The Below Listed Songs are By: How The Night Came






The Wait

Face To Face




The following sounds are from FREESOUND.ORG

and are used under a 0 CC or an Attribution License.

Thank you to the following freesound.org site users


Little Robot  Sound Factory - Ambiance Blackhole 00

Tristan Lohengrin - Lighting a Match

Kev Durr - Restaurant Ambiance Binaural

Nas1 - Dog Running

Focusbany - running on dirt

Litruv - Ghost Whispers

Klankbeeld - Meadowland and Summer Ambiance

Inspector J - Coin Flipping

Jrssandoval - unlock and open door

Abunijmeh - heavy breathing

Macif - door knocking

Marvej - angry growl

3dmond - screen door slam

sgrowe - fast paper rip

Shealcudahy - underwater creature

Fordps3 - wet slapping

Anthousai - vinyl out

Thoribass - pouring water

Volivieri - Bottle Clinking

RoganDerrick - Liquor Bottle pour

Angelopirellas - Fire in Fireplace

Leosalom - Nightscapes

Joeshedon - parking break

Jack Murray Official - Car Start

Eirkr - Radio Tuning

Kmyers1316- Driving ambiance

Freesoundjon01 - Change

Snaplicious - Dog Pet

KewelDog - Dog Panting

NoiseCollector - end of a vinyl record

Vlatkoblazek - train interior Ambiance

Coldwellw - old phone pickup

Herbertboland - bakelite phone ringing

LewisInHeaven - Dog Max whine towel bark

Babuabapua - light rain


All other sounds created/recorded by C.Pagliei

Lost Signal Society was created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Dondero

Special Thanks to: JM Barrie, Annie Shannon, Albert Strong, Michael Dondero, Megan Campeau, Vin Pagliei, as well as Matthew & Pamela Harte.

-Catch the Signal-


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