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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME #6: Chatting with podcaster, audio dramatist, collaborator, voice actor and friend Jack Ward (03/2017)

Again from our archives, we present the 6th episode of a discussion podcast that I had high hopes for, but which only went for 9 episodes or so. But the discussions are fun and if you're interested in voice actors' lives, we delve pretty deep in these interviews. 

Jack Ward is the creator and co-host of "The Sonic Society", a long-running weekly podcast out of Halifax, Nova Scotia that showcases new audio dramas. He featured my first two episodes of "Pulp-Pourri Theatre" back in 2013, no questions asked, even though the productions themselves were, to be honest, questionable. But we have become good friends, and have collaborated on many projects since then, and have joined with a handful of other like-minded individuals to create the Mutual Audio Network. Jack is the head-man at the tiller though, make no mistake. Anyway, this interview was fun and I hope you enjoy it.

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