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Ep 3: Bad Habits

Season: 1 Episode: 3
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Chaos ensues when the crew of the Green Horizon take a job on the Galactic CityShip the New Geneva.

Created By Paul Walsh


Kieran Walsh as Gino Whelan
Caoimhe Walsh as Sonya Halley
Amy Jackman as Jilly Whelan
Steven Stubbs as Bernard Dooley
Megan Walsh as RedBekka Roy
Paul Walsh as Peter Savage
Jack Bishop as Mortlock the Smuggler

Sound by Steven Stubbs 

Recorded in the Forum, Waterford, Ireland.

Sound Effect Attribution


Inspectorj- Door, Front, Opening.wav
-Bike, Bell Ding,Single, 01-01.wav
Crowd Screaming, A.wav
Destruction, wooden, A.wav

Ultradust-Sliding chair on Hardwood floor
anechoix- Jazz_Music_Loop.Mp3
inchadney- City Traffic 2.wav
ddunkley- footsteps on metal.wav
Qubodup- Sci fi Laboratory Ambience
CUeckermann- Dog walking on hardwood floor
CosmicD- Engine_Hum_New.wav
BarkersPinhead- Rummage.Mp3
p3n10- Metal Falling on Stone
DWOboyle- Coins - 01.wav
lawnjelly- Opening a small metal box with keys
deleted_user_87- knife_chop.wav
SunnySideSound- Cardboard Box.aif
Calpomat- FMJ2.wav
redoper- rodger beep.mp3
MichaelKoehler- Knob Button tape deck cassette recorder mechanical
Freqman- Gym Duffle bag open and close.wav
Moeder Babelutte- TILT.wav
Aiwha- office chair 2


Intro by Daniel Noronha  (Mrthenoronha)
Deep Base by Pryght One
Synthwave by Furbyguy

Technical Advisor- Sean Murphy

Special Thanks to Stephen Geraghty, Emma Martin & Síona Stokes.

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