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Season: 2 Episode: 3
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Broadcaster C. Countee embraces life as a space pirate and takes some time to do a broadcast. 

Transcripts available here.

Morgan Wolski as Broadcaster C. Countee

Morgan Maxwell as Broadcaster J. June

Leanne Thacker as Broadcaster W. Coleman

Angela Barraza as Broadcaster S. Cisneros 

Kent Overshown as Broadcaster K. Baldwin

Dispatch from the Desert Planet is a work of fiction. For non-fiction learning we recommend starting with the following links. (None of the following people, resources, or organizations are affiliated with this podcast in any way.)

Prisons for profit: Concerns mount about Trousdale Turner Correctional Center, operator CoreCivic (article)

Today It Locks Up Immigrants. But CoreCivic’s Roots Lie in the Brutal Past of America’s Prisons (article)

CoreCivic (website for a diversified, government-solutions company with the scale and experience  needed to solve tough government challenges in cost-effective ways.)

Starting to consider yourself an abolitionist? Looking for more reading? Try:

Dereka Purnell's article How I Became an Abolitionist in the Atlantic

Thank you to Librivox for our poetry interlude. Ralph Chaplin's From Bars and Shadows

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