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Episode I: The Diary

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KV Thierry is a decorated southern Hip-Hop icon for his foresight in spearheading a hardcore rap label in 1995. His unconventional work as a music mogul and Real Estate Investor have made many enemies in his cosmopolitan city on the Gulf Coast. The changing landscape of urban living and corrupt local politics have partnered with "old black money" to derail everything Keyvon Thierry has worked and fought for. On the eve of being presented with a lifetime achievement award at The Main Source Awards, he details his life's efforts with Senior Editor, Saul Gravy of The Main Source. There was lots of struggle and success to match, but at the end of the day, your own people can be your enemy. The culture of southern Hip-Hop hustlin and conventional business practices are on full display, and there is no difference. It's All Just Business!

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