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IT SUITS HER, Episode 16

Season: 2 Episode: 16
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IT SUITS HER, Episode 16

Release date: 14 November 2023


Start of excerpted transcript:

(Theme for It Suits Her fades up and under)


Hello. I am William Spear and this is The 3:57 by by the aforementioned. You are listening to our current series called IT SUITS HER.

The story is going to start in a moment but we have a few words from our friends at MADISON ON THE AIR. Before the promo starts, we advise to strap yourself in. 

(Insert Madison on the Air promo)


Thanks, Madison, I needed the boost. Now back to our show.

Maxie has been sipping tonic and limes for two hours waiting for Celia at Nick's Italian Bistro. It was almost midnight as Nick the owner offers a holiday greeting: "It is the last few evenings before the day before the morning of Merry Christmas."


Max still doesn't know what that means.


With Celia no-show for dinner, Maxie concedes the night is over in Episode Sixteen of . . . IT SUITS HER.

(Theme for Nick's Italian Bistro fades up and under)

"I guess," Maxie said to Nick. "She got a better offer."

 A familiar voice entered their conversation: "Not a better offer. But an overdue part. Hi, Max. I have someone I’d like you to meet."


Maxie wondered if it was the young man who kept calling her.


"It's my mother and father," she said and spun around to make introductions. "Mom, dad . . . this is Argosy Williams."


"Mister Williams," Celia's mom spoke first. "It’s a pleasure to meet you. We’ve seen lots of your films."


Celia's dad went next: "THE TERMINUS is my favorite. The one scene where-"


Maxie cut him off: “It's where I say "If you’ll excuse us, Sarah, I fear you’ve discovered what we’ve worked so hard to keep hidden.”"


Mr. Court corrected him: "No, it’s where the husband and wife welcome back their daughter after she’s been gone for five years.


Maxie smiled and bowed to Mr. and Mrs. Court: "You have a special daughter." 


Mr. Court thanked him for helping Celia to get a job and Maxie returned with, "My pleasure."


Celia pulled him aside: "Max, can I take a rain check on dinner? We have some catching up to do."

End of excerpted transcript.

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