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5 - Turn On Your Lights

Season: 1 Episode: 5
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Having made the ultimate sacrifice, it is now down to Raphael and Joni to save Suz and Lia before time runs out. Elusia is a powder keg, waiting for its spark and people are taking to the streets but what comes after the revolution and how can anything go back to normal? Be ready. Be listening. And do not be afraid. This is Radio Elusia. Twitter https://twitter.com/radioelusia (@radioelusia) #radioelusia Website: https://my.captivate.fm/welcometoelusia.com (welcometoelusia.com) Patreon: https://my.captivate.fm/patreon.com/boundlesstheatre (patreon.com/boundlesstheatre) Episode Credits: You’ve been listening to Radio Elusia, a Boundless podcast production. Radio Elusia is written by Nina Segal. The episode was directed by Rob Drummer  Original music and sound design by FATHER. The series Associate Director is Robert Awosusi.  In this episode you were listening to:  Megan Jarvie as Joni Joseph Adelakun as Raphael Chantelle Amon as Suz  Pip Williams as the Recording Chantelle Amon as Suz Valerie Vansovica as Lia The episode was recorded mixed and mastered in London by FATHER and commissioned and produced by Boundless Theatre Radio Elusia is part of Welcome To Elusia, an Extended Universe project co-funded by the creative Europe programme of the European union.  This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podtrac - https://analytics.podtrac.com/privacy-policy-gdrp Podtrac - https://analytics.podtrac.com/privacy-policy-gdrp Support this podcast

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