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Overcast 66: The Endless Flickering Night by Gary Emmet Chandler

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The Endless Flickering Night by Gary Emmet Chandler.  Read by J.S. Arquin.  Featuring an afterword by Gary Emmet Chandler.  #SciFi #sciencefiction #dark #underground #podcast #fiction #silverscreen


"Together, we made our way to Burrow's cinema.  Each time the Five set us to digging a new outpost, that was the first room we carved; the cinemas were our cathedrals, our last remaining sparks of faith.  We were ambling through the rows, running our hands along the surface of each abandoned throne, when Toaster began to howl."


Gary Emmet Chandler works from his apartment in Portland as a copywriter and web developer, mostly in pajamas, with a cat nibbling at his leg.  His fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, and Pseudopod, among others.  Recently he has shifted his creative focus to photography, and you can follow his work on Instagram at @theangryluddite.  

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