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Season Two | The Road So Far

Season: 2 Episode: 13
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It's been an amazing second season of Continuum Force. With our Season Two Finale on September 8th, get caught up or relive some of the greatest moments of this season! Full Episodes can be found here (and on your favorite podcast supplier): http://continuumforce.transmissionsfromatlantis.com/ (http://continuumforce.transmissionsfromatlantis.com/) Cast List Connor Dannard - Marcus Salley Buzz Borman - JC De La Torre Lesley "Ace" Barber - Jessie Johnson CTC Sally - Calliope Collacott Eli Sherzberg - Dr. Scott Viguie Shiran Sherzberg - Debbie Viguie Denise Cox - Rita De La Torre General Killian O'Shaunessy - Boyd Barrett Dr. Osumara Alala - Amy Saville Captain Fordham - Jim Horning Roth - Roy Bullard Calvo - Alexander Joa Pharoah Narmer - Andre Giles Princess Neithhotep - Sami Jazz the Egyptian Priest - Warith J. Watson The Hand Maiden - Ann Foster Alexander - Paul Arbisi Philotas - Stone Alexander - Paul Arbisi Hephaestion - Pete Lutz Phillip the Physician - Connor Grzesiak General Washington - Laith Wallschleger Colonial #1 - Josh Roberts Miles Replica - Zed Matthew Notes - Guard #1 Debbie Viguie - Dr. Vixen The Musician - Paul Arbisi Sun Tzu, Chinese Soldier 1, Chinese Soldier 2 - Chinese Voices Acting Group Written by JC De La Torre, Rita De La Torre, Debbie Viguie and Scott Viguie Produced and Directed by JC De La Torre Edited by JC De La Torre, Rita De La Torre, and Chris Green Music written by JC De La Torre Music Performed by Atlantis Paradox Carry on my Wayward Son clip performed by Kansas and written by Kerry Livgren Talk about Continuum Force on our official discord, hosted by Podcast Junkie server – https://discord.gg/QpRSNDr (https://discord.gg/QpRSNDr) Find out more about Continuum Force at https://continuumforce.transmissionsfromatlantis.com/ (https://continuumforce.transmissionsfromatlantis.com) This is a Transmissions From Atlantis Entertainment in association with Brazenwench Productions, LLC. Production, copyright 2020 Support this podcast

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