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Obituary 00: Gary Died (Pilot)

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Before murderous farmers, man-eating cats, and the Shadow in the Dark Woods, there was Gary. Gary Wickersham, 47, was found dead face-first in a birdbath behind Carlson and Carlson's Delicious Pastry Shop. Was this an accident, or a sweet, sweet murder mystery? The Obituary Writer intends to find out in his first, previously unreleased adventure.

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Created by Evan Gulock and Niko Gerentes.


  • The Obituary Writer - Evan Gulock
  • Pastor Jeff/Aunt Agatha - Joshua Giordan
  • Townsfolk - Joshua Giordan, Annie Collick, Noah Baldwin, Chase Gehrlich, Joanne Cimarosti, Lauren Denby, Tad Deleonabreu, and Alex Klein.
  • Music: Nickleus, Gibson, Kevin Macleod, Steven O'Brien, Nicolas Gasparini

Credits and Transcript: https://deathbydyingpod.com/obituary-00

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