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Fall of the House of Sunshine - 'Days of Future Fuzz'

Episode: 501
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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A struggle between flesh and fuzz. A mad emperor, cackling atop a grand pyramid of his own creation. A band of fleshy rebels with moxie, verve, and puffy-paint! It's an ass-kicking, name-taking space-age rock musical, back for more: this time it's even weirder.

YUP oh man oh man it's The Fall of the House of Sunshine, Season II: DAYS OF FUTURE FUZZ.
If you loved the previous utterly wackadoo sampling from this show, I think you're going to love Season 2 even more.

You don't need to have listened to the first season to make sense of the second. Suffice it to say that there was a sinister plot to detonate the fuzzatronic bomb—an arcane weapon that turned everything into fuzzy puppets and stuffed animals. Well. Almost everything.

There's a very fun guest star in this episode, to boot!

ENJOY, and stick around for next week's show, an interview with some of the creative dynamos behind this project!

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