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137-Italian folklore: Tailor-made

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Young Dionigi is an apprentice to the master tailor, Maestro Lattantio. It’s a good job and, frankly, the best one he could get. The problem? He wants a better one. He wants to be a wizard. His boss wants him to get back to work. The mamlambo is the reason why you don’t want to date the guy you grew in a jar. -- Sponsors: Go to SimpliSafe.com/LEGENDS to check out an awesome home security system Want to help out the show? Go to http://podsurvey.com/myths -- Check out Hello from the Magic Tavern at http://hellofromthemagictavern.com -- Music: “So It Goes” by Podington Bear “Pounded Piano” by Podington Bear “Tiptoe Treadline” by Blue Dot Sessions “Rainday” by Blue Dot Sessions “Our Only Lark” by Blue Dot Sessions “Elmore Heights” by Blue Dot Sessions See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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