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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME Ep. 7: Rhiannon & Greg McAfee

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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME #7: Chatting with voice actors and audio drama creators Rhiannon and Greg McAfee (5/2017)

Again from our archives, we present the 7th episode of a discussion podcast that I had high hopes for, but which only went for 9 episodes or so. But the discussions are fun and if you're interested in voice actors' lives, we delve pretty deep in these interviews. 

Rhiannon & Greg McAfee are a terrifically talented couple from California, whose work I first discovered in 2016 or so, when I first heard the outstanding audio drama series "Rex Rivetter, Private Eye". Greg wrote the scripts, Rhiannon directed and played the detective's Girl Friday. Since our interview, both of them have appeared in a number of my audio dramas, and I was lucky enough to make it into one episode of RRPE before production ceased. Enjoy this most excellent discussion with two excellent folks!

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