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S2E9 - The Promise

Season: 2 Episode: 9
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Lost in the darkness, far underground. True love's sweet beacon, calling without sound. 

The promise was given, and a debt now comes due. Born only in shadow, a light can shine through. 

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| THE STRANGER - Phillip Usher - Aethuran Dark Saga Podcast - https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/aethuran-dark-saga-634354 

| ZANE - Storm S Cone 

| SOPHIE - Sarah Jenkins 

| CORDELIA - Joleen Fresquez 

| BENEDICT - Brian Dowling 

| ZORIN - Cody Miller 

| ERALIN - Jordan Thompson

| LORVANA BIRDSONG - Kara Danvers  

| NARRATOR - Mike Atchley 

COVER ART BY @emillustration.art  http://instagram.com/emillustration.art

All Music/Production by Mike Atchley 

Thanks to Haley Munoz  and Brave Adventures for their support!  http://patreon.com/braveadventures  http://braveadventures.com 

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