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108-Tom Thumb: Thumbs Up

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Tom Thumb is the story of a guy named Tom...who is as big as his dad's thumb. A practical joke by a wizard, Tom went on to become Sir Thomas Thumb, the greatest knight in the realm, but not before becoming indigestion for a giant, a raven's canker sore, and exploring all the thrilling intricacies of a cow's digestive system. The creature this week is a fish that's more manly than I'll ever be. --- Sponsor: Amazon Music Unlimited: It has millions of songs and you can play it just by speaking. You can start a 30-day trial free at http://amazonmusic.com --- Music: "Le Monstre" by Podington Bear "Pives and Flarinet" by Podington Bear "Elephants on Parade" by Podington Bear "Releaseing the Sculpture" by Podington Bear "Two Boys and a Girl" by Podington Bear "Airliner" by Podington Bear "New Skin" by Podington Bear "Denouement" by Podington Bear "Waiting for the Moment that Never Comes" by Lee Rosevere "You're Enough" by Lee Rosevere See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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