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S2E10 - The Six Winds

Season: 2 Episode: 10
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The Season 2 Finale!

Join us at Home.DiceTowerTheatre.com to continue the adventure with discussion, t-shirts, world codex, transcripts and more!


The Legendary Six Winds: 

The Adventurers:

  • | SOPHIE - Sarah Jenkins
  • | CORDELIA - Joleen Fresquez
  • | BENEDICT - Brian Dowling
  • | ZORIN - Cody Miller
  • | ZANE - Storm S Cone
  • | ERALIN - Jordan Thompson
  • | NARRATOR - Mike Atchley

All Music/Production by Mike Atchley

Closing Credits Song "Dawn of Dragons" written and performed by Daniel Nichols www.happygolukky.com

Thanks to Haley Munoz, Daniel Nichols and Corey Phautch and Brave Adventures for their support this season! http://patreon.com/braveadventures http://braveadventures.com

***We Will Return November 1st 2020 for Season 3!***

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