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135B-Tristan and Isolde: Secrets

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Tristan and Isolde have a problem: they can't get enough of each other. After they inadvertently drank the love potion, they couldn't control their love...and it is looming like a snare, one that will destroy them and everything they love if they let it. The creature is the loup garou, from Caribbean folklore and it's the reason to carry around a keyhole with you and collect your dog's eye boogers. -- Sponsors: Turo: Get $25 off your first trip when you sign up for Turo and use promo code LEGENDS at checkout when you go to Turo.com Simplisafe: Go with the only home security I trust – SimpliSafe – by going to simplisafe.com/legendsand using code LEGENDS at checkout. Squarespace: Squarespace is the best way to make a website. Try it for free at https://www.squarespace.com/myths and, when you're ready, use the code MYTHS at checkout to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. -- Music: "Softly Villainous" by Blue Dot Sessions "Manaan" by Blue Dot Sessions "Illa Villardo" by Blue Dot Sessions "Alley Crawler" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cylinder Six" by Chris Zabriskie "Cylinder Four" by Chris Zabriskie "What Does Anybody Know About Anything" by Chris Zabriskie "John Stockton Slow Drag" by Chris Zabriskie "Turkey Vulture" by Chard Crouch See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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