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Overcast 82: Lullaby by John D. Payne

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Lullaby by John D. Payne.  Narrated by J.S. Arquin.  Featuring an afterword recorded by John D. Payne.  #fantasy #fiction #podcast #dragons #parenthood


"As plaintive cries from the nursery chamber intruded on the unconscious bliss of slumber, I curled up in a ball, wrapped my wings more tightly around myself, and squeezed my eyes shut.  'Go back to sleep,' I whispered to myself.  And to the children."


John D. Payne grew up in the American midwest watching lightning flash outside his window and imagining himself as everything from a leaf on the wind to the god of thunder.  Today, he lives with his wife and family at the foot of the Organ Mountains in New Mexico, where he focuses his weather-god powers on rustling up enough cloud cover for a little shade.

His debut novel, The Crown and the Dragon, is a thrilling epic fantasy published by WordFire Press.  His short fiction has been published in anthologies like Tales of Ruma and magazines like Leading Edge.  

For stories, exclusive bonus content, updates and more, please visit him at: patreon.com/johndpayne . Or tweet about how wrong he is about dragons @jdp_writes.


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