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Do You Know The Mushroom Man? -Transmission 1

Episode: 3
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The simple story of a sentient alien hivemind fungus who falls in love with a graduate student and wants to assimilate her whole planet. You know, a classic love story.


Lost Signal Society








Susie Flowers - Lucie Weight

Dr.Nader Rahman/Eisenstein - David Thomas Tao

Dr. Danny Kraines - Sean Kelley

Doorman/Librarian/Dr.Rovet - Kevin Moogan

Fungi - ???

Dr. Vetter - Christa Pagliei

Man on the Radio - Michael Dondero


Written by Christa Pagliei

Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa Pagliei

Theme Song by Ryan Beppel




Philadelphia String Quartet

Album: Becerra-Schmidt: Cuarto Cuarteto Para Cuerda

Songs: 2- Andante & 4 Allegro

licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

From WFMU’s Free Music Archive


Music - Mo Roonah

Album: Bleep

Song: Duplex

licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

From WFMU’s Free Music Archive



The following sounds are from FREESOUND.ORG

and are used under a 0 CC or an Attribution License.


Thank you to the following freesound.org site users


Static Pony - Glowing Pad

Joedeshon -  Seatbelt Click

Mrauralization - FM Radio Tuning

Juandamnb - running

Gchase - room tone ambiance large theatre low hum

Carlvus_cfx  - Dorset Room Tone

Ahill86 - Gravel Crunch

paulmessier - shuffling papers

Xavimuse - escaping downstairs

Dimigowave - Lemon Catch

Craigsmith - bats chirping

Mauhen - bats 1st august

Rutgermuller - in car driving

Thescarlettwitch89 - lid unscrewing and then being rescrewed

Planman - Poof Of Smoke

7by7 - posh dinner party

Mrcream - pennsylvania hotel beijing

Kangweichanechickte - country night crickets

Gowlermusic - radio static

Deleted-user - Driving ambiance

Bravefrog - keys

Embracetheart - city outdoor traffic

Knufds - city ambiance kansas city

Celestino-anthony - outer space air

Lamamakesmusic - buttons switches on and off

Gprosser - splat2

Malpeeters - traffic

All other sounds created/recorded by C.Pagliei and M.Dondero

Lost Signal Society was created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Dondero


-Catch the Signal-



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