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Zoran And Rattenkönig - Transmission 4

Episode: 9
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There is an invisible world all around us, one of occult mystery that most people tend to ignore. But when you find other seekers, the friendship itself can seem like a miracle. This week’s episode is about the magic of the mundane.

Lost Signal Society


Zoran And Rattenkönig


Zoran Belovik- Ryan Snanoudj

Rattenkonig/Eisenstein/John Warren/Al - David Thomas Tao

Galena Belovik - Patricia Lawrence

Jefrey Warren- John Martorelli

Emilia Warren- Christa Pagliei

Mr.Paulson - Michael Dondero


Written by Christa Pagliei

Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa Pagliei

Theme Song by Ryan Beppel



Album: Havor

Songs: Please Wake Up, Letoile danse pt 1 & 2, Rain, Story, Glimpse of Eternity

licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

From WFMU’s Free Music Archive


The following sounds are from FREESOUND.ORG

and are used under a 0 CC or an Attribution License.

Thank you to the following freesound.org site users

krnfa - Headphones

Taure -  pistol whip

Mrauralization - FM Radio Tuning

Mrguff - Door Creek

Drkvixn91 -whimper gasp female

pfranzen - male grunt

freqman - weak clapping

Joedeshon  -classroom ambiance

reznik-krkovika- indoor apt hall noise

Dimigowave - Lemon Catch

semcab - window opening

housed1j - window open

soundkframf- city night atmosphere

Rossbell -stomping on fireescape

multimax2121 - Police Siren

stondi- radio static

joedeshon - pclassromm ambiance

alienstcog - carnival merry go round

Gowlermusic - radio static

13fpanska-straska-michela- school bell

Gain Walkers- School Cafeteria

Urupin- radio control tune

cognito-perceptu- casette tape action

Rsilvera-88- Cartoon punch

All other sounds created/recorded by C.Pagliei

Lost Signal Society was created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Dondero

Special Thanks to: Frank & Jean Papale, Annette Benedict, and Michelle, Vincent, & Elizabeth Pagliei.

-Catch the Signal-


© 2018

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