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Undertow - Intermission 2.0 - Iteration of a Killer

Season: 2 Episode: 2
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Undertow - Intermission 2.0 - Mortality is a law often bent in Neo-Atlantis... but never broken. Such laws are meant for mortals, however; and Kraken has never been known to abide by the rule it decrees. Follow us on Twitter for news and updates. Join us on discord to hang out with cast and crew! Want to support the show? Please check out our Patreon as Cybernautica is 100% Fan Supported! Make sure to stay up to date with our free, no spam newsletter

Cybernautica is intended for mature audiences on account of mature language, theme and violence. Please be advised.


A.R. Oliviari as Andrew Indri, The Gentleman

Ryan Hoyle as The Executor


Dan Boud as the Narrator

Written by Damian Szydlo

Direction by Amanda Hufford

Sound Design by Chris Henry

Script Editing by Jupiter Sanders

Show theme by Doug Maxwell

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